eleven. Mia Tuean (The latest Illicit Wife) 2014

Good looking player Kongpop output home just after mastering you to their dad died. The guy becomes angry as he finds out one to his father willed countless baht in order to Namnueng, a woman he’s never been aware of ahead of.

The fact is, Kongpop and you will Namnueng’s fathers used to be buddies and you may unsealed upwards a corporate along with her. However, Kongpop’s dad turned greedy and you may swindles Namnueng’s dad’s express from the organization.

Kongpop plots of land so you’re able to nueng and have now her signal across the money to him in place of this lady training. However, what takes place whenever Kongpope actually drops in love with Namnueng and she not desires anything to do with him?

Kade support Fah when the lady wallet are taken and you will fights of the fresh thief. He instantly falls in love with the lady and offers to drop this lady off in the healthcare in which this lady sick dad try sleeping.

Fah, not wanting so you can irritate Kade any longer than just she has currently, departs rather than informing your. Whenever Kade observes Fah typing an automobile with one, their step-sister’s sweetheart, Kade gets upset and you will where to find a sugar daddy KS jealous.

Fah match Kade once more whenever their stepmother asks her to be effective during the Kade’s family. Kade try an entirely changed individual, always jealous and you can acting out. Fah is only able to pledge that nice child just who helped the girl in the past has been within him.

several. Cubic: Nee Hua Jai Tee Mai Dai Kor 2014

Lin Lang Ser was a highly-identified strong mafia company inside the Hong kong. When Ruthainark’s father owes your a large debt that’s incapable to expend they straight back, the guy agrees so you’re able to get married Ruthainark’s aunt.

Ruthainark is not as breathtaking given that the girl sibling, but the woman is really smart. Ruthainark finds out herself facing Lin Lang Ser once the lady aunt and you can father hightail it. The woman is caught alternatively and you can delivered to Lin Lang Ser’s mansion.

13. Majurat Look for Nam Pueng (Honey-colored Goodness out of Death) 2013

Two family members, Madame Lamphao and you will Madame Preme, got made a spoken contract you to kids manage end up being hitched eventually.

Because kids grew up, Romereuthai is requested so you’re able to wed Paat. However, she rejected just like the she thought that the country guys was old-fashioned and you may too traditional on her.

Romereuthai asks Rojanasnai to help you wed Paat instead, but she currently has anyone she cherished. When Romereuthai demonstrates Rojanasnai is a followed dily hope.

Just like the Romereuthai marries Paat and you may agrees to call home having your to have ninety days, the woman is usually endangered from the your saying that their own families tend to visit conflict if the she ever renders.

fourteen. Rak Sutrit (Desire the extreme) 2013

Ittirit is actually an early on, bad student that is c because of the a teacher assistant, Chon. He managed the woman improperly thereby to track down straight back at him, she informs the latest headmaster one to Ittirit is cheating.

Ittirit’s dad in addition to standard of the local police try very distressed. The guy chooses to help Ittirit and you will uses Chon in order to teacher and let Ittirit ticket his try.

Both have began on the wrong foot, and you can Ittirit will continue to disregard Chon because the his teacher, of the going out to participate in bike events.

15. Pin Anong (An excellent Female’s Hairpin) 2012

Yai runs on the run when he caused the loss of their stepmother’s mate. Disappointed having exactly who his father ily.

Decades after, when his dad died, Yai output into household members ranch to claim their genetics and you will make ranch back regarding their worst and you will scheming stepmother.

Yai got long been in love with Pin and gets actually way more envious as he discovers one she actually is in love with their stepmother’s child Na alternatively. Yai continues on his act off a detrimental man, however, have a tendency to he ever let you know whom he’s so you can Pin?


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